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Reportable Diseases
Infectious diseases
Infectious Disease Program

Surveillance and follow-up are conducted by Public Health Nurses on all infectious diseases reported to the health department by private physicians, hospital, Ohio Department of Health and laboratories as required by ORC 3701.3.03

Immunization program
Immunization Program


On-site immunization education is available for no cost to you thru the Get Vaccinated Ohio Immunization Grant. Education available are as follows:

MOBI & TIES - MOBI (Maximizing Office Based Immunizations) and TIES (Teen Immunization Education Sessions) are statewide provider immunization education and training programs developed for health-care providers.  These programs offer techniques to improve immunization rates in practice.  They are a one-hour in-office continuing education program.

AFIX - AFIX (Assessment, Feedback, Incentive, eXchange) is a continuous quality improvement process for providers to learn about and to improve their immunization practices and rates.  AFIX assessments look at the age groups of 24-35 months of age and/or 13-18 years old and will give you up-to-date rates of recommended vaccines.  You will receive reports showing your immunization rates and your strengths and opportunities for improvement will be identified.

To schedule any of the above programs please contact, Carli Gump at 330-264-9590 ext. 220 or


Immunization services are available at our walk-in clinics as well as the outreach sites.  

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Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program
Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program
The goal of the Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program (PHBPP) is to reduce the spread of the infection from the mother to her baby at birth