Plumbing program



Plumbing permits

Plumbing permits must be obtained through the Wayne County Health Department prior to the start of work. Plumbing system installation inspections are made when plumbing systems are installed in all new homes or businesses in Wayne County, or when plumbing systems are altered in existing homes or businesses. A permit to do such plumbing work is required to be obtained from our department. A registered plumbing contractor will determine the number of fixtures needed and will obtain a permit based on this information (see Plumbing Fees). 

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Residential plumbing work

The homeowner or plumbing contractor can make an application at the Wayne County Health Department for a fee before obtaining a permit. Although homeowners can obtain permits to do their own plumbing installations, it has been our experience that with all of the detailed code requirements, it is often best to hire an experienced plumber.

Note: Homeowners doing their own plumbing must live at the residence. 


Commercial plumbing

Prior to obtaining a Commercial Plumbing Permit, you must submit two sets of building plans designed by a professional engineer or architect. Upon receipt, your plans will be logged and then assigned to the plumbing inspector.

Once the plans are reviewed, you will be notified by letter, phone, or email whether your plans are in compliance, or whether additional information is needed. Submission of all items at the same time is essential in order to prevent delays in the review. After plan approval, the application may be made for a fee to obtain a permit. A plan review fee is charged as part of the plumbing permit fee.

Please be aware that projects involving Food Service or Retail Food require a Wayne County Health Department sanitarian approval before a plumbing permit will be issued.

Note: After the plans have been received, they will be reviewed within 30 days. This applies to new or remodeled plumbing. Plans are reviewed in the order they are received or resubmitted. If your plans are incomplete or disapproved, the 30 days begins again after the necessary information or revisions are received.

Plumbing registration form


Any plumbing contractor engaged in or intending to engage in the plumbing business in the Wayne County Health Department jurisdiction must be registered with the department. Applications are due November 30-December 31.

Wayne County Plumbing Regulation 

Inspection, by permit, of installation of all residential and commercial plumbing systems.

Registration of plumbing contractors.