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Public Health Nuisance Complaints

Public Health Nuisance Complaints



Individuals may report conditions which warrant a public health nuisance to the Environmental Health Unit (EH Unit).

The EH Unit then investigates and determines if the complaint constitutes a Public Health Nuisance and attempts to abate all reported nuisances involving matters related to public health.

All complaints to the Wayne County Health Department MUST be in writing.

Anonymous complaints may not be accepted. This is due to the legal process. 



  • The only anonymous or non-written complaints we can accept are those representing a potential widespread public health emergency or foodborne illness hazard. Please call.
  • Wayne County as a whole does not have a housing inspection program. As such, the Health Department has no jurisdiction involving privately-owned residences. That includes a homeowner with black mold, bedbugs, vacant homes or other internal problems. Rental properties also fall into that category in that we have no legal authority to intervene in a dispute with a landlord because of their failure to act on maintenance and repair (unless septic).
  • We have no enforcement jurisdiction over city- or village-owned and operated public sanitary sewerage or water systems. Contact a city, village or township official for assistance.
  • For junk, vegetation or motor vehicles contact your Township Trustees to file a complaint.
  • Third party inspections or evaluations will not be made into a formal complaint without due process.

Before you file a formal complaint:

  1. Make sure that the nuisance is health related. An eyesore is NOT a public health related nuisance. Refer to the list below for health related nuisances.
  2. Address your concerns to the offending party and try to work out a solution directly. Once you have attempted to resolve the problem and are unsuccessful then it may be appropriate to file a formal complaint.

List of Nuisances the Wayne County Health Department will investigate

  • Malfunctioning household sewage disposal / treatment devices.
  • Garbage / refuse storage and removal.
  • Public swimming pools, bathing places, camps, parks, trailer parks, and other places of public gathering.
  • Private water supply systems.
  • Abandoned wells and cisterns. 

The Wayne County Health Department does not enforce any building or housing maintenance code. For issues dealing with electrical, roofing, structure, etc. contact your city / village offices or Wayne County Building Department to find out if there are residential building codes violations within your city / village / county. 

Nuisances that are NOT covered by the Wayne County Health Department

  • Excessive growth of grass, weeds or trees.
  • Housing (housing regulation in Wayne County) If in a Village or City you may have Ordinances to address this issue. Contact your City or Village Trustee.
  • Number of animals / nuisance animals.
  • Unclean interior living conditions.
  • Junk automobiles and / or junk yards. Contact your township trustees. 
  • Burning of materials. Contact OEPA.
  • Recycling materials.
  • Commercial, public and industrial sewage problems. Contact OEPA or the Village / City that the system is located. 
  • Unsanitary living conditions with children involved. Contact Children Services. 
  • Landlord / tenant problems. Contact 211 Legal Aid.


Written complaint

The Wayne County Health Department's EH Unit will make every effort within the programs it's charged to oversee to resolve public health complaints and nuisances. Violations of applicable local codes and state laws jeopardizing public health are pursued under the authority of those laws and the Wayne County Board of Health.

The process pursues full abatement by holding the legally responsible party – the property owner or locally-licensed entity – accountable.

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