Residential Tires

Ag Tire Roundup - June 28, 2024 9am-3pm WC Fairgrounds



If you need to dispose of tires please give us a call:

330-264-2426 ext. 0

To speak with a representative that will assist you in a making an appointment.

Do not show up without an appointment.

Appointments (weather permitting) are typically:

Tuesdays - 9:00 AM

Thursdays- 3:30 PM

You must be able to unload tires yourself or bring someone to unload for you

  • Appointments are made on a weekly basis
  • We must be able to scan your ID or Driver’s license.
  • Will NOT accept agricultural tires.
  • Will accept all residentially generated tires including:
    • Car & Light Truck tires
    • Lawn Mower
    • ATV
    • Bicycle
    • Motorcycle
    • 4 Wheeler, 3 Wheeler tires (or something similar)
  • Only 10 tires per person per year will be accepted.
  • Will accept tires on or off of the rims
  • Will not accept tires from commercial business which includes farms, non-profit, church, government agencies or any other non-residentially generated tires.