Solid and Infectious Waste

The Wayne County Health Department conducts the Solid & Infectious Waste programs as an approved health district by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

These programs include the licensing and inspection of facilities in Wayne County that handle solid and infectious wastes, using the Ohio EPAs regulations in Ohio Administrative Code Chapters 3745-27 and 3745-400.    

Sanitary landfill

Closed Sanitary Landfills 

These are required to be monitored and inspected 30 years after closing.

In addition, the owner, operator, or permittee shall conduct post-closure care activities at the sanitary landfill facility for a minimum of thirty years to ensure that the facility does not create an environmental health hazard. 

Post closure activities are included under OAC 3745-27-14.


Compost Facilities 

Compost facilities are where primarily yard, agricultural, and animal wastes are processed through composting.

These facilities include four classes recognized by the Ohio EPA:  

  • Class I (accepts mixed solid waste, food waste, and yard waste)
  • Class II (accepts yard waste, animal wastes, and other wastes by approval)
  • Class III (accepts yard waste and/or animal wastes)
  • Class IV (accepts only yard waste).

Construction & Demolition Disposal 

Construction & Demolition Disposal (C&DD) Facilities (where building materials - wood, drywall, concrete, etc. - from construction and demolition activities are taken for disposal by landfilling).

Clean Fill
Clean hard fill consists only of reinforced or nonreinforced concrete, asphalt concrete, brick, block, tile, and/or stone. Ohio Administrative Code 3745- 400-05 addresses the regulation of clean hard fill
Inspections of Solid & Infectious Waste

Inspections of Solid & Infectious Waste Facilities are conducted to assure compliance with the applicable Ohio EPA regulations for these facilities.

While also assuring compliance in the inspection frequencies established by the Ohio EPA:  

  • Quarterly Inspections
    • Class I & Class II Compost Facilities
    • Infectious Waste Treatment Facilities
  • Annually Inspections
    • Class III & IV Compost Facilities.

Infections Waste Generators and clean hard fill sites are only inspected in response to a complaint or as time permits, as the Ohio EPA only regulates segregation, management, storage, and treatment of Infectious Wastes.

Infectious Waste
  • Infectious Waste Treatment Facilities (where infectious wastes are treated by chemical means, autoclaving, or incineration).
  • Generators of Infectious Waste Facilities (where infectious wastes are generally stored on-site.) Such facilities include hospitals, doctor and dentist offices, tattoo and body piercing establishments, or other places that generate infectious waste as defined in the Ohio EPA regulations.
    • Large Generators (those generating more than 50 pounds in a month)
    • Small Generators (those generating less than 50 pounds in a month)
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