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Environmental Health Services & Programs

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Private Water Wells

The Private Water Systems program is a state program that is in enforced by the Environmental Health unit in Wayne county.The purpose of the program is to protect the citizens of Wayne County as well as the water sources by providing education and enforcing public health laws and regulations.


Plumbing system installation inspections are made when plumbing systems are installed in all new homes or businesses or when plumbing systems are altered in existing homes or businesses. A permit to do such plumbing work is required to be obtained from our department.

Public Swimming Pools & Spas

The Wayne County Health Department annually licenses and inspects all public pools, spas, and special-use pools in Wayne County at locations such as community parks, private clubs, housing developments, hotels and motels, apartment complexes, and campgrounds.

Food Safety

The EH Unit is responsible for licensing and inspecting the following food operations:

Food Service Operations (FSO) (restaurants, bars, day care centers, nursing homes, etc.)

Retail Food Establishments (RFE) (grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations)

Mobile Food Service Operations and Mobile Retail Food Establishments (fairs/festival trailers)

Temporary Food Service Operations

Vending Machine Locations (coffee, sandwiches, ice cream)


The EH Unit conducts regular seasonal inspections of the following different types of camps in Wayne County.

Recreational Vehicle Parks (for RVs)

Recreation Camps (pop-up campers and tents)

Combined Park-Camps (contain a combination of RVs, pop-up campers, and tents)

Temporary Park-Camps (camping units located at short-term events and festivals)

Schools & Jails

Schools buildings and associated grounds are inspected twice a year and institutional buildings and associated grounds are inspected at least once per year.

Sewage Treatment Systems

The Environmental Health (EH) Unit is the first place to contact if you want to:

Install a new sewage treatment system (STS)

Alter your existing STS

Replace your existing STS

Abandon your existing STS

We offer a full range of services from the site and soil evaluation to system design (depending on the system complexity required) and inspections.

Solid & Infectious Waste

The Wayne County Health Department conducts the Solid & Infectious Waste programs as an approved health district by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

These programs include the following licensed and inspected facilities in Wayne County:

Closed Sanitary Landfills

Compost Facilities

Construction & Demolition Disposal 

Clean Fill

Infectious Waste Treatment Facilities

Animal Bites

The rabies control program's goal is to prevent human cases of rabies by investigating all reported animal bites, and by vaccinating dogs against rabies.

The Rabies Control Program includes:

Investigation of all animal bites

Laboratory examination

Recommending rabies post-exposure vaccine

Any animal that bites is required to be quarantined following the bite incident.

Animals that have bitten are not confiscated or euthanized.

Body Art, Tattoos & Piercings

The Body Art, Tattoo & Piercing Establishment program is in place to prevent injury and the possible transmission of diseases through body art, tattoos and body piercings.

Household Hazardous Waste

There are many types of waste that are considered "Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)" and should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Wayne County has occasional HHW collections or you can visit the Canton Recycle Center by appointment only.

Public Health Nuisance Complaints

Individuals may report conditions which warrant a public health nuisance to the Environmental Health Unit (EH Unit).

The EH Unit then investigates and determines if the complaint constitutes a Public Health Nuisance and attempts to abate all reported nuisances involving matters related to public health.

All complaints to the Wayne County Health Department MUST be in writing.

Anonymous complaints may not be accepted. This is due to the legal process. 

Residential Tires Disposal

This free to our residents program is by appointment only.

Appointments are made on a weekly basis for the disposal of residential tires.

Must be able to unload the tires into a dumpster.

Must have identification.

10 tires per person per year will be accepted.

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