Mission and vision

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Who We Are


The Wayne County Health Department safeguards the health of its residents by:

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles through education
  • Preventing and monitoring disease
  • Protecting and preparing against environmental public health risks


The Wayne County Health Department will serve as a model for its ability to advocate and maintain a healthier and safer community.


Innovation - We embrace change while venturing into the future with information, research, and technology.

Respect - Our endeavor is to openly communicate, show compassion, and treat everyone with dignity, to ensure that all individuals are valued and informed.

Teamwork - Our team is strong because we care, we share, and we actively listen.  Because we help, respect and support each other, we are effective and dependable.

Accountability - We use responsible and professional judgment in assessing and addressing all community health needs, in a timely and effective manner.

Education - As a visible and trusted source of health-related information, guidance, and assistance, we provide and maintain a trained, qualified workforce.

Ethics - We conduct ourselves with honesty, equality, and integrity as we serve the community.